No more migraines?

Suddenly, last summer… I decided to stop quoting The The lyrics.  No.  I still reserve the right to do that because Matt Johnson is a genius who has thought and written many things that make excellent sense to me.

What actually happened was that I started passing out, suffering bradycardia, low blood pressure, massive exhaustion, terrible short term memory loss and all that fun.  The cardiologists thought I was probably a neuro problem, the neuro team certainly hoped for a while I might be a cardio problem, but in the end the cardiologists won and I have been under a neurological consultant since last autumn.

In fairness, the team in question is excellent, and they have been very thorough in ensuring there are no more sinister causes to my problems.  So we can be sure that my cortisol levels are mostly fine, that there is nothing wrong with my endocrine system a little vitamin D wouldn’t cure, and that I really don’t have a heart condition and am simply lucky to have lower blood pressure than might seem fair for someone my size.  Hooray!

Which begs the question, what the hell is wrong with me?

With my history of depression, it seems nobody is going to diagnose CFS – which to a couple or three doctors along the way seemed to be a slam dunk – as that is considered merely to be a subset of the same condition.  Fair enough.  I wouldn’t say I was currently suffering from depression, but my neuro consultant says the body can suffer physical symptoms for some time after the psychological ones have burnt themselves out, and that this might well explain things in my case.  So all we need now is a psychiatrist who is prepared to use more than his prescription pad to treat me and I should start to recover.  In this Borough?  We shall see.

Fortunately, there is one area in which my neuro consultant has decided he can help me, and that is with the migraines I’ve suffered for so many years.  They may be at the root of my fainting, for one thing, and there’s no disputing that they’re both painful and unpleasant, no matter which way you look at it, so I’m not about to turn him down.

So today I start a prescription of Topiramate.  It’s an anti-convulsant drug and it can apparently prevent migraines.  If you’ve ever been afflicted with these, you’ll know just what a wonderful thing such a drug would prove to be.  I still have my Maxalt to help while we get the dosage to the right level – I wouldn’t have agreed to try it without – but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Think this is good?  It gets better.  Yes, really.  In clinical trials, people taking Topiramate lost weight.  I’m in awe of the possibilities here – migraine-free and slimmer?  Fingers crossed…


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