Geek cakes

It’s nice to have something to look forward to.  I’ve been spending much of the last few months concentrating on the savoury side of GF cooking in preparation for what we do next year.  Yes, it’s still on the cards, but no, I’m still not going to put the kiss of death on it by putting it in writing.  Suffice to say the experiments have been equal measures fun and frustration and, while I’ve carried on caking in the interim [note to self: MUST post some pics at some point!] the most fun cake I’ve made in a while was this years Maclaren Formula 1 car for my husband’s birthday.  And that was almost a month ago.

However, thanks to the lovely Miss Cakehead, I have something else to get stuck into.  A few months back, she organised Cakes for Japan, which managed to raise £2K in three hours flat, purely from selling cakes donated by cakers all over London.  This time, she’s organising a geek cake shop as part of Internet Week Europe, with proceeds to Pancreatic Cancer Action.  So all cakes themed around Steve Jobs/Apple, or taking inspiration from other geeky things.

Which will have me making Twitter cupcakes for definite, and hopefully having more fun letting my inner geek out with other creations.  It may have been kept somewhat under wraps since leaving Syzygy all those years ago, but I know it’s in there somewhere…


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