Up and running

Well, it’s another first for me today: my first blog post from the new shop. 

This is our third weekend of opening and the feedback has been very positive. While we’ve obviously been meeting lots of people, what has been absolutely amazing is the repeat business, including people coming back to buy more of specific things they bought before, rather than generally browsing for baked goods.

The cakes are going down very well with people. Among the ones on offer today are some old favourites of mine like lemon drizzle and dark chocolate brownie, along with my prize-winning carrot cake that has become a Suzzle staple in record time, and my new mango passion cake, which has the most dangerous buttercream I’ve  ever tasted 🙂 …I really could just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon.

Silas, Fabiano and I have also been quite entertained by the number of people treating the cake as something to be appreciated through the window as much as the art we have on the walls. There seems to be quite a ‘cake porn’ contingent out there, many of whom stop to take photos. If I’m brutally honest, I would understand this more if the cakes were beautifully decorated, or arranged in more original fashion, but the fact is they’re simple cakes, simply presented – although lit beautifully by Silas, so perhaps that’s the key. I haven’t yet worked out how to add photos to my blog posts with the Touchpad but I’ll add some pics to this post later and you can judge for yourselves.

The real art, on the other hand, I completely get people wanting to see. Paddy from Lava Collective has managed to pull together an amazing collection of works by artists like Otto Schade, Pikto, The Krah, Ashes57, Jo Peel, Penfold, etc. Again, I shall share some photos with you later so you can get an idea for yourselves.

So there we are. Other exciting things that are happening here include a request from a journalist to supply some photos of the shop – with cakes – for an article in Elle Italia, and the forthcoming arrival of a shiny coffee machine so we can serve up Lactofree lattes. 

And there I must leave you, because I have more customers, and if I don’t hit publish now, who knows when I’ll get the chance again? This is a good problem to have 🙂


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