Suzzle was started because its founder, Melanie, got heartily sick of being expected to eat sub-standard foods, or go without certain things completely, purely because she couldn’t eat gluten.  It later turned out she couldn’t eat lactose or soya products either, but gluten was the real problem substance.

While Melanie’s culinary abilities were mostly used to create yummy dinners and other savouries, it surely couldn’t be that hard to bake without gluten, could it?  And so the experiments began.

Despite having some 30 or so flavours of cupcake, a prize-winning carrot cake and utterly sinful chocolate brownies and blondies in her repertoire, Melanie was sure there were more delicious gluten-free treats she could create.  It also seemed that there were people out there who wanted to buy what she made, as she now supplies coffee shops and corporate clients with tasty treats, creates bespoke celebration cakes and continues to do location catering for crews filming at The Rag Factory.

The next step?  Well, on 11 February 2012, we opened our first shop at 47 Brick Lane, London E1 6PU.  We started out just opening on weekends while we launched gently into things with cakes and some rather lovely art.  We now have coffee and some yummy savoury things to have for lunch, including soups and home-made courgette and onion bread, and lots of other scrumptiousness to come once we have the chiller unit in place.  It’s been a long time coming, but if the feedback of our customers is anything to go by, it’s absolutely been worth the wait.

And many thanks to aCoquette for reminding me that I needed to update this page 🙂


7 thoughts on “About

    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by. We’re now open Sunday to Friday, closing on Saturdays so I can have a day a week (sort of) off. We have tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as the cakes, soup on weekdays and as soon as my chiller gets here we will be doing more lunch things, too. Getting there slowly, but surely 🙂

      • That’s fantastic! What are your opening hours? Thinking of perhaps dropping by on Sunday or this week? What’s your name?

      • Weekdays we’re open 0800-1800, Sundays generally 1030-1800. This Sunday is the day of the Baishakhi Mela, though, so we’ll be open 1200-1800. If you do choose to come down, be warned the area will be packed with people visiting the Mela, which can be fun but is mostly one enormous crush of people. That said, should have quite a range of cakes for Sunday, so there are compensations! I’m Melanie, by the way. And you?

      • My name is Severine. I’m not into packed place so I’ll come back another time. Can’t wait to visit your shop!

      • You’ll be very welcome, whenever you make it. Believe me, if I didn’t have to have the shop open, I’d also be running a mile from Brick Lane this Sunday!

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