Leopard gecko cake

It’s not every day I’m asked to do a gecko.  Partly because I get a lot of customers wanting more traditional things, and partly because geckos are generally quite scrawny little things, and don’t leave much scope for putting cake inside.

So when Jane asked me to do a leopard gecko for her son, because that was what he was getting for his 8th birthday, my first thought was admittedly to do make a more traditional round or square cake with a modelled gecko on top.  However, a cake in the shape of a gecko was what was wanted, so that was what I had to try and make.

My leopard gecko cake

There had to be a little compromise – my gecko is obviously on the porky side, because otherwise there’s nothing but sugarpaste for people to eat – but on the whole I really enjoyed doing this one, and the birthday boy’s grandma, on seeing a photo, thought she was seeing a picture of the present, not the cake.  What do you think?



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