Rapunzel birthday cake – Disney’s Tangled

Rapunzel birthday cake from Disney's TangledYou’ve gotta love Disney.  Just as you think you’ve done every possible Disney princess in cake form, they bring out a new one, this time Rapunzel.

Fair enough, it shouldn’t be more problematic than a normal princess cake.  Except that for all my other princess cakes I’ve been able to use the Wilton doll picks, which are relatively cheap and very easy to use and, most importantly, designed to sit in a cake.

Unfortunately, Wilton have yet to create a doll pick with long enough hair to be a credible Rapunzel.  And while I could have modelled a body, head and hair with sugarpaste, I knew the girl this cake was destined for would not find that an acceptable option.  When Emilie thinks princess, only something realistic is likely to do the job.  Which is fair enough, because I never want anyone to be less than delighted with a cake I make for them.

The solution, in the end, was to use a full size, licensed doll from Disney and create the cake around that, packing the original dress and accessories in a separate box so the birthday girl could enjoy the doll long after the cake was eaten.  The result?  One very happy little girl 🙂


5 thoughts on “Rapunzel birthday cake – Disney’s Tangled

    • Hi Danielle,Have sent you an email :-)Broadly, more than happy to help, but not sure whether I’m local enough to you – I’m in the East End of London. If this is too far away, let me know where you are and I’ll try and put you in touch with someone closer to where you live.My email is Melanie@Suzzle.comBest regards,Melanie

    • Hi Trina,

      For Rapunzel, I used the entire doll: every other princess cake I use the Wilton doll picks so it’s not an issue, but with the need for the long hair, a whole doll was required and I didn’t want the birthday girl to find a dismembered doll in her cake, so used the whole one 🙂

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